5th Grade Math Syllabus

1st Grading Period

SOL 5.3 Computation and Estimation (Whole Numbers)
  • Create and solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems with whole numbers
  • Estimate the sum, difference, product, or quotient of whole number computation
  • Use estimation to check the reasonableness of results

SOL 5.19 Statistics (Data)

  • Calculate the mean and range of a set of data

SOL 5.1 Place Value

  • Read, write, and identify decimal numbers through 10-thousandths
  • Compare the value of two decimals through 10-thousandths using >,<,=

2nd Grading Period

SOL 5.4 Computation and Estimation (Decimal Numbers)
  • Find the sum, difference, or product of two decimal numbers through thousandths
  • Divide a decimal number through 10-thousandths by a one digit divisor

SOL 5.9 Circles

  • Identify and describe a diameter, radius, chord, and circumference of a circle Identify the relationships between diameter and radius and between radius and circumference

3rd Grading Period

SOL 5.13/5.14 Angles and Triangles
  • Classify angles and triangles as right, acute, or obtuse
  • Measure (in degrees) and draw right, acute, and obtuse triangles and angles
  • Identify the appropriate tools used to draw and measure triangles and angles
SOL 5.15 Geometry (Two-Dimensional)
  • Identify and describe the properties of 2-dimensional figures
  • Identify congruent, non-congruent, and similar figures
  • Describe the results of combining and subdividing shapes
  • Identify and describe a line of symmetry
  • Recognize geometric transformations (translation, reflection, rotation)

SOL 5.11 Measurement

  • Determine the measurement of length using U.S. customary and metric units
SOL 5.8 Area and Perimeter
  • Determine the area of a square, rectangle, or triangle
  • Determine the perimeter of a given 2-dimensional figure
  • Compare and contrast area and perimeter (application)

4th Grading Period

SOL 5.16 Geometry (Three-Dimensional)
  • Identify the properties of 3-D geometric figures
  • Analyze and compare the properties of 3-D geometric figure
SOL 5.18 Statistics (Graphing)
  • Identify the ordered pair for a point on a coordinate plane
  • Locate the point for an ordered pair in the 1st quadrant of a coordinate plane
  • Collect, organize, and display a set of data using bar graphs, line graphs, and stem and leaf plots
  • Analyze data using bar graphs, line graphs, and stem and leaf plots
  • Determine the median and mode for a set of data

5th Grading Period

SOL 5.7 Fractions
  • Add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers with like denominators, and express in simplest terms
  • Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators, and express in simplest terms
  • Represent factions in their equivalent decimal forms
  • Represent decimals in their equivalent fraction forms
  • Order fractions and decimals from least to greatest

6th Grading Period

SOL 5.20 Patterns and Functions
  • Describe numerical and geometric patterns
  • Express the relationships found in numerical and geometric patterns
  • Describe the concept of a variable as an unknown

SOL 5.21/22 Representations and Relationships in Algebra

  • Use a variable expression to represent a given verbal expression
  • Write an open sentence using a variable
  • Create a word problem to match a given open sentence
SOL 5.12 Elapsed Time
  • Determine the elapsed time in hours and minutes within a 24 hour period
SOL 5.11 Measurement
  • Determine the measurement of weight/mass, liquid volume, and temperature using U.S. customary and metric units
  • Estimate the conversion of Celsius and Fahrenheit units relative to familiar situations
SOL 5.17 Probability
  • Construct a tree diagram to identify all the possible outcomes of an event
  • Determine the probability of a single event (12 or less outcomes)
  • Determine events that are most likely and least likely to occur
  • Create and solve a problem statement involving probability