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Mission Statement

The mission of the W.Y.E.S. school counseling program is to support students as lifelong learners.  Guidance services focus on children’s academic, career and personal/social needs in order to help children reach their full potential.

The Elementary School Counselor:

  • Assists parents and teachers in helping children
  • Teaches classroom guidance
  • Provides individual and small group counseling
  • Consults with outside agencies
  • Coordinates WYES’s character education program and S.C.A.

How do students see the School Counselor?

  • Self-referral
  • Parent referral
  • Teacher or other staff referral
  • Administrative referral
  • Intervention team referral
  • Referral by friend(s)

A child may see the School Counselor for…

  • Friendship concerns
  • Changes in the family
  • New situations
  • Difficult decisions
  • Academic concerns
  • Death or illness
  • Success and accomplishments
  • Family concerns
  • Dealing with angry feelings and behaviors
  • Happy occasions
  • Test anxiety
  • Any other area of concern

The School Counselor is NOT…

  • A disciplinarian
  • An administrator
  • A social worker
  • A psychologist

Did you know that Mrs. Keys:

  • Listens to me when I talk about my feelings?
  • Talks with me about my classroom and school work?
  • Encourages me to be a person of character. Someone who is respectful, trustworthy, fair, caring and a responsible citizen?
  • Helps groups of children?
  • Visits my classroom to teach guidance lessons?
  • Works with teachers to help with student achievement?
  • Works with families?
  • Cares about me and is my advocate?