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Illness Policy

In an effort to prevent the spread of illness to other students, we ask that you keep your child home until he/she is not contagious.

A contagious child is one who:
  • has had a fever (100 deg or higher) within the last 24 hours
  • has had diarrhea/vomiting within 24 hours,
  • has been on an antibiotic for less than 24 *unless doctor’s note says otherwise*
  • has chickenpox with lesions that are not scabbed over
All over-the-counter, prescription, and herbal medication must be sent in the original container, and be brought in by the parent. A Medication Permission Form must be filled out by the parent for all medication. Prescription and herbal medication must also have a doctor signature.

Hand washing is the most important way of preventing the spread of illness. Please take time to teach your child hand washing before eating, after blowing nose, and after using the bathroom, etc.