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Red, Red, Red Ribbon Week!

posted Oct 26, 2015, 6:05 AM by Katie Gigliotti
      This year WYES will celebrate Red Ribbon Week the week of Oct. 26-30.  The purpose of Red Ribbon Week is to promote and encourage the choice to be drug free.  Red Ribbon Week is celebrated
nationally.  Please visit the following website for more information on the history of Red Ribbon Week:

      This year’s theme is:  “Stay in the Game, Play Drug Free!”  On Monday students and staff will be given red ribbons to wear throughout the week.  Wearing the red ribbon shows each person’s commitment to living a drug free life.  Several local businesses are offering incentives to students who WEAR their red ribbon out in the community during the week.  Please take the opportunity to visit the following businesses during the week of Oct. 26-30:

7-11 (Madison) Free Small Slurpee

Lollipop Station (Culpeper) Free “Round Dial” Lollipop

McDonalds (Madison) Free Small Fry

Mad Arts Pick from treasure chest

MCHS Athletics (Volleyball Oct. 29) Free admission to game with paying adult

Pie in the Sky 50% off a personal pizza

Plow and Hearth Outlet Store Free candy

Tastee Freez (Madison) Free small cone

Yoder’s Country Market Free scoop of ice cream

Throughout the week students will have the opportunity to celebrate their commitment to leading a drug free life at school by participating in the following THEME DAYS:

*Mon. Oct. 26 Red Ribbon Day
(Go ALL out with RED today. Students will sign the drug free pledge and receive a red ribbon)

*Tues. Oct. 27 Team Up Against Drugs Day (Wear your avorite team jersey OR dress up like a friend or group of friends)

*Wed. Oct. 28 Reach Your Goal “Perseverance” Day (Dress up like what you want to be when you grow up)

*Thurs. Oct. 29 Crazy Fan Day (Wear crazy shoes, socks, hats and/or hair)

*Fri. Oct. 30 All Star Day (Halloween:  Dress up like your favorite famous athlete, in your favorite sports gear OR dress up like your favorite star from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or any book by Roald Dahl)