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Constitution Day Contest

posted Sep 14, 2015, 5:51 PM by Katie Gigliotti   [ updated Sep 14, 2015, 5:58 PM ]



We invite all Madison County students to celebrate Constitution Day this year with their interpretation of what this great day means through their artistic capability. Students (K-12) need to design a handmade poster depicting any aspect of the Constitution including the Bill of Rights & Amendments. Selected posters will be sent to compete at the Government Documents Roundtable (GODORT), a division of the American Library Association. Saving bonds and other rewards will be given to the winners at the National level.


Only 8-1/2” X 11” paper can be used for the poster (GODORT will not accept any other). Make it bright and colorful. All physical entries become the property of Gov. Kids Groups and and will not be returned.                                                                                                          

Selection Criteria: Content relevant to Constitution 33%, Artistic design 66% (original, colorful transfers well to poster).

Winners: The American Legion will collect entries on 23 September and announce local winners on 28 September.   Check out Godort Constitution Day on the web for all rules and entry requirements

Madison County won the 2013 contest beating out over 30,000 other contestants! Here are some of the top posters for 2014.  Start Early!